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Music Stages

Fantastic Bands performing on

  • Nadganuga Stage in South Car park from 9:30 to 3:30
  • Gulaga Stage in Town Centre 9:15 to 5
  • Jersey Stage at the Cheese Factory from 10:15 to 4

Benji and the Saltwater Sound System

draws upon Benji’s immersion in islander flavours fused with the reggae and African roots of its members past musical projects to create hypnotic soundscapes underpinned by painfully catchy melodies.

Add to this the beautifully poignant lyrics that Benji has become known for and you can’t help but expect something special from this new line-up.


is a Djirringanj man from the Yuin Nation, born and raised in Bermagui, he has been creating hip hop, R & B and urban funk music for over ten years, and is known for producing soul-infused beats and clear, dynamic vocals.

For Gabadoo, music is a way to express his feelings about his life, family and experiences. Making music has helped him provide a creative outlet and a way to escape the challenges of everyday life.

A father of four, Gabadoo loves spending time with his young family.

Fretz & Reedz

Fretz & Reedz bring you timeless rock classics, jazz and blues with a fresh new appeal being played in styles from bossa nova to reggae.

Mick, a traditional bluesman on the harmonica, plays wailing blues rock to smooth minor strains.

Gail a vocalist trained in gospel, blues and jazz traditions, provides strong female vocals to the old jazz and blues standards as well as singing backup.

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On The Street

The buskers

Town Centre

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Other Attractions

Kidz Zone

Big Hall

Little Hall


STOP PRESS Rumours abound that there will be a wet sponge throw competition program in the Kidz Zone involving a Tilba School teacher! Go to the Kidz Zone for details.

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